Villa Sciare Modò

Scillichenti is part of the municipality of Acireale. It has an abundance of citrus and olive trees; the land is a testimony to the fertility of the earth surrounding Mount Etna. Its curious name comes from The Sicilian word ‘Sciddicari’ that means ‘to slip’; it refers to the slippery lava rock formations that caused the mules, used to transport goods, to frequently slip and fall. Along the coastline, you will find beaches characterised by black lava rocks, a unique site to behold. Villa Sciare Modò is strategically located so that you can easily reach Mount Etna, Acireale, Acitrezza and the city of Taormina, which is around 25km away, or you can simply come here to relax with family and soak up the sun next to our swimming pool. The apartments are simple yet comfortable, spacious and furnished with all necessities, such as air conditioning, kitchen and satellite TV.


Via Longi 7, 95024
Acireale (CT)

From Catania (37 km): Click here to see the itinerary

T: +39 392 13 69 693